Eco-Support BV proudly presents you a complete and unique product line of care shampoos and treatments. 
Capturine Natural Grooming
Because we added natural resources we confirm we only want to supply natural products, 
which guarantee effectiveness and safety, even when used frequently and regardless of the type of coat.
Whether the coat is short or long, thick or thin, we have the right products to meet your standards.

The most important characteristics are:
• Based on organic derivates with added proteins and vitamins
• pH value corresponds with the pH of the dog’s skin
• No desiccation of the hydro-lipid film of the skin
• No irritations
• The shampoos are alkali-free
• Improves the gloss and natural resistance 

Our shampoos have not been consolidated unnecessary,
but still you can dilute them 1 on 1 without losing the washing power. 
This makes them economic in use. For the best results, leave the shampoos in for 3 to 5 minutes.